11th International Urban Design Conference

Created as a venue for design professionals to exchange ideas and experiences, the annual International Urban Design Conference is a showcase of innovative projects and research which embrace and create change in urban environments.

Register now for the 2018 conference and hear from UAP Creative Director and Co-Founder Daniel Tobin, as he hosts a presentation (November 12) on the future proofing of public spaces with integrated strategic master planning and public art. Following Tobin’s talk — on the conference’s second day, November 13 — UAP Principal and Senior Curator, Owen Craven will present ‘Curating and Designing the Future City’ focusing on how curating a place is more than just an image in a catalogue.

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Future Proofing our Public Spaces with the Integration of Strategic Master Planning and Public Art.

We know a city’s culture comes from the hearts and minds of its populous. How do artists, architects and designers connect with community and create meaningful public projects that shape our future cities?

Join Daniel Tobin, Co-Founder and Creative Director of UAP at the 11th International Urban Design Conference November 12 as he discusses how cities can future-proof our public spaces with the integration of strategic masterplan and public art. This talk will explore these notions by unpacking different public space interventions from around the globe; projects that tell a story, build connections, make destinations, the unimaginable, make people happy and most importantly create memories.

Curating and Designing the Future City

As cities vie for economic growth on the back of international tourism, the risk of sameness starts to invade. ‘Cookie cutter’ replicas appear in city-wide benchmarking to sell the global dream. Some developers however, are going deeper — seeking considered design solutions that enrich and enchant our fragmented lives.

Join Owen Craven, UAP Principal | Senior Curator November 13 as he leads a presentation on ‘Curating and Designing the Future City’ focusing on how curating a place is more than just an image.


Register now for the International Urban Design Conference. SMC Conference and Function Centre, Sydney, NSW from Monday 12 – Tuesday 13 November 2018

Image: Ethan Ou