Art Transports Viewers At The Adelaide Biennial

Viewers of the 2018 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art will be transported and challenged through two installations by artists Tamara Dean and Lindy Lee in collaboration with UAP. Two of the biennale’s standout pieces, these artworks will be displayed at the Art Gallery of South Australia from tomorrow until 3 June.

Tamara Dean’s Stream of Consciousness uses a clever combination of space, sound and smell to transport viewers to the Australian bush. Visitors to the gallery are invited to enter a darkened gallery space, where a seemingly invisible reflection pool is housed with an image subtly and mysteriously appearing in the water.

Stream of Consciousness challenges the viewer to actively experience and engage with the world created through the artwork. It continues Dean’s exploration of the relationship between humans and the natural world and is an entirely immersive experience. It will be displayed on the upper levels of the Art Gallery of South Australia throughout the Biennale.

Lindy Lee’s The Life of Stars is a six-metre tall sculpture made from mirror and stainless steel, perforated with more than 30,000 holes. The work represents Earth – the beginning of life, birth and renewal and uses concentric circles to demonstrate the idea that everything in the universe is interrelated.

The Life of Stars is meditative and continues Lee’s exploration of the intimate connections between human existence and the cosmos. It encourages and challenges viewers to consider the notion that well-being springs forth from balance. It will be on display in the forecourt of the Art Gallery of South Australia.

UAP Senior Associate and Senior Curator Owen Craven said the company was honoured to have collaborated both Tamara Dean and Lindy Lee – two of the country’s leading contemporary artists.

“We’re proud to work with artists every step of the way, from helping extend their conceptual intent to developing that design into something tangible. Seeing the works resolved and installed for the artists and displayed to the public is an absolute privilege,” Mr Craven said.

“The 2018 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art is an opportunity to celebrate Australian art and we encourage Adelaide locals and tourists alike to challenge their thinking, expand their mind and enjoy the experience of viewing such powerful and thought-provoking artworks as Stream of Consciousness and The Life of Stars.”

The 2018 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art will feature works from 30 artists, displayed across four venues from 3 March – 3 June.
Text by Clare Christensen for UAP.
Images top to bottom: 2018 Lindy Lee, The Life of Stars. Photographer: Saul Steed. Image courtesy Art Gallery of South Australia and the artist. Tamara Dean. Photographer: Jack Sewell. 2018 Tamara Dean, Stream of Consciousness (during fabrication) and detail shot taken at the exhibition.