Florentijn Hofman’s Latest Project ‘Selfie Panda’

Influential artist Florentijn Hofman, best known for his playful urban installations that see animals scaled up to larger-than-life proportions, has revealed a new project titled ‘Selfie Panda’ to be installed in Dujiangyan, China this year.

Dujiangyan is about 65 kilometres (40 miles) northwest of central Chengdu and it is recognised globally as an important centre for the rescue, rehabilitation and protection of pandas. The city enjoys a favourable climate and natural environment with vast bamboo forest coverage and lovely scenic surrounding which is perfect for a public reception and education for pandas.


“This project is significant to me, as I know that in thousands of years, Dujiangyan has always been a paradise for Pandas. It is one of the centres of the giant panda. Dujiangyan is also considered as one of China’s protection and research centre for pandas and one of the largest and advanced in the world” says Florentijn Hofman. “It is a great pleasure to create an engaging and larger than life sculpture for Dujiangyan. As an artist, it is always an honour to be invited, recognised and create such an iconic work for such a special place,” adds Hofman.

The artist’s vision is to create a colossal and iconic sculpture of a panda, lying on its natural resting position while making a selfie of itself. It shows the irony on how big the giant pandas are in  China and to the rest of the world, and its playfulness of loving itself in vain.