Upcoming Events To Expand Your Art & Design Horizons

Consider yourself a designer? Interested in expanding your knowledge of the art world? Keen to purchase new pieces for your collection? Below are three key events you can take part in to create, learn and collect.

If you’re a hands-on kind of person, The Wayfinding Ideas Workshop is one for you. You’ll be invited to use experiential design to come up with solutions for a neglected pedestrian corridor in Brisbane. You’ll be taken to the site before heading to the Dotdash studio to put your ideas into motion.

Got an idea that’s been tinkering away in the back of your mind? Get the inspiration you need to get your project started at The Design Conference Brisbane. It’ll feature talks, breakout events and nights out, complete with curated art, music and entertainment.

One for the collectors. At the inaugural Unfold in the United Arab Emirates you’ll be given unprecedented access to art from some of the world’s fastest developing nations and their surrounds. Think Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa as well as the broader locations of Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, South East Asia and Asia.

Whether you want to practice your design skills, purchase art or simply meet other creative people in a fun and insightful environment, these events are ones to mark in your calendar for 2018. Make sure you sign up to avoid disappointment – and enjoy getting inspired!

Text by Clare Christensen for UAP