UAP Design

Brisbane Chinatown Mall

Site-specific artworks form an integral part of Chinatown Mall, the centre of Chinese cultural life in Brisbane, Australia. UAP SUPPLY designed and constructed a 40-metre sculptural water feature that runs over four separate bronze panels.

The carp, thematically linked to the dragon in an ancient legend, is a powerful symbol of strength and perseverance in Chinese culture. Inspired by this symbolism, a pattern abstracted from the scales of both fish and dragon was designed as the surface of this water feature.

The subtle concave channel and pattern achieves a flow of water that resembles scales. Water appears to flow continuously between the separate sections before running into a pool surrounded by seating elements, with live fish swimming in a second pool nearby.

  • PROJECT Brisbane Chinatown Mall
  • LOCATION Brisbane, Australia
  • CLIENT Brisbane City Council
  • YEAR 2009