Simon Perry

Westfield Centrepoint Sydney

Castlereagh Laneway is situated within Sydney’s Westfield Centrepoint shopping centre and acts as a conduit from the roadside of Castlereagh Street to the interior of the centre. UAP, in collaboration with project architect John Wardle, curated artist Simon Perry to design an artwork to function as an integrated sculpture within the space, and also as a working gate to prevent access to the shopping centre when closed.

Conceptually, the theme of Perry’s piece draws on the function of the Westfield site as a high fashion retail centre with its themes of grooming, display, dressing and cosmetics. The piece also makes a formal connection between the structure of an eyelash and traditional iron gate forms, and playfully combines these themes within a functional design that addresses the pragmatics of the Laneway space.

  • DESIGNER Simon Perry
  • DESIGN TITLE Eyelash
  • PROJECT Westfield Centrepoint Sydney
  • LOCATION Sydney, Australia
  • CLIENT Westfield Australia
  • YEAR 2011