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UAP与艺术家,建筑师以及设计师合作为公共领域 带来非同寻常的创造力以及专业资源。


New Collaboration 九月 20

‘Luminous White Carpet Of LED Lights’ Coming to Madison Square Park

This new installation marks the first-ever collaboration between Austrian artist Erwin Redl, Madison Square Arts and UAP. Entitled Whiteout, the exhibition will be composed of hundred suspended spheres with white LED lights hanging from a grid of steel poles.

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Industry News 九月 20

Shortlist Revealed for World Architecture Festival 2017

The world’s largest architectural award program has announced the shortlist for their 2017 awards slate. Featuring 434 projects ranging from small family homes to schools, stations, museums, large infrastructure and landscape projects, UAP is honoured to have Wahat Al Karama included in the Civic and Community category.

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Knowledge Sharing 九月 18

Casting Small Bespoke Objects

Mary Stuart fro ..MORE

New Collaboration 九月 7

Ai Weiwei’s Public Art Will Soon Take Over New York City

This fall, Ai Weiwei, Public Art Fund and UAP team up for a massive art exhibition titled Good Fences Make Good Neighbours.

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Industry News 八月 16

Reko Rennie in Conversation

Reko Rennie is ..MORE

Advanced Manufacturing 八月 10

Designing Adaptable Robots with QUT & the IMCRC

For more than 40 years robots have been the workhorses for manufacturing giants, pre-programmed machines capable of performing one repeated task in a highly-controlled environment. QUT in partnership with UAP and the IMCRC are creating an industry first: a new wave of agile, adaptable robots that can see what they’re working on and make decisions as required. Unlike its blind cousins, this one is being trained at our Brisbane workshop, to create large-scale, bespoke art pieces, previously impossible to produce economically in Australia.

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Making Marvels Season 2 七月 31

Making Marvels: The Stories Behind Creating Big Art

UAP recently hosted a press viewing for Making Marvels, the highly-anticipated second season of Big Art. Produced by Wildbear Entertainment and Screen Queensland, Making Marvels follows members of the UAP team on a global art adventure, working with artists, architects, and designers, from concept and design through to fabrication and installation, to deliver some truly breathtaking art projects.

Viewers in Australia and around the world will be captivated as the series extends and builds on the vision of the first Big Art series.

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UAP Webinar 七月 21

Measuring Craftsmanship in a Digital Age

How do we measure craftsmanship in a digital manufacturing age? 

UAP, SHoP Architects and One to One discuss how different studios define craftsmanship in today’s digital manufacturing age, and incorporate mass customization in their building designs.

Panellists include
Jamie Perrow — Senior Principal of Art + Design,
Emily Johnson — Senior Project Manager

SHoP Architects
Ayumi Sugiyama — Director, Cultural Projects
Rebecca Lorenz — Senior Associate, Virtual Design and Construction

One to One
Ben Koren — Managing Director

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Industry News 七月 13

‘I Don’t Know the Mandate of Heaven’ Nominated as 2016’s Best Exhibition

Leading Chinese artist Song Dong’s exhibition ‘I Don’t Know the Mandate of Heaven’ at Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) has been nominated as 2016’s best exhibition by Leading Culture Destinations alongside Yayoi Kusama and Martin Creed. UAP partnered with RAM and Dong to transform the entire building façade for the duration of the exhibition. Finalists will be announced late September in London. Good luck to all the finalists!

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Knowledge Sharing 六月 29

The Evolution of Façades

In the 20th cen ..MORE