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New Collaboration April 26

Architectural Digest: COS & Phillip K. Smith III Devise Instagram-Ready Installation in Milanese Palazzo

Couldn’t make it to Salone del Mobile 2018 this year? Architectural Digest have you covered with a full report on the Phillip K Smith III installation commissioned by London based brand COS.

Fittingly titled Open Sky, is:

…an abstract hunk of concrete clad in panels of mirror-polished stainless steel laid at a 43 degree angle… as you walk through its curved interior, the Renaissance architecture dissolves, fragmenting out into sandy-color snippets and clear blue sky. Somehow, with the thoughtful placement of 34 mirrored panels (a collaboration with fabrication studio UAP) Smith has nudged people to look up and around—to reexamine their environment. In doing so, he’s transformed a palazzo nestled in busy Milan into an environment with middle-of-the-desert calm.

Read the full article on Architectural Digest.

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Making Marvels April 16

Making Marvels Season 2

Step into a global art adventure Monday, April 23 on Foxtel Arts with the season ..MORE

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Project Update April 13

Exclusive Look at COS’ Reflective Installation by Phillip K Smith III

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the new large-scale installation from fashion label COS and Phillip K Smith ..MORE

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UAP SUPPLY Launches in North America

UAP is proud to announce the official US launch of SUPPLY, the company’s business unit ..MORE

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Industry News March 20

The Shanghai Art Factory That’s Constructing Massive Public Artworks

One of the jewels of Ai Weiwei’s “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”—the sprawling Public Art Fund project the ..MORE

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Knowledge Sharing March 20

When Installations Become Iconic

Installations do much more than just enhance a space – they inspire, they embody values ..MORE

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Knowledge Sharing March 8

Setting our Sights on Steel

From kitchenware to canopies, rings to roofs, surgery to structures, steel is a material present ..MORE

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Knowledge Sharing March 6

China: A Testament to Quality

For many years, the perception of “Made in China” was cheap, mass-produced goods of low ..MORE

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Industry News March 2

Art Transports Viewers at the Adelaide Biennial

Viewers of the 2018 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art will be transported and challenged through ..MORE

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Project Update February 28

Install is Underway for the 300 George Street Art Facade

Brisbane’s new, premier go-to destination is one step closer to completion, with the installation of ..MORE

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Knowledge Sharing February 23

Public Art: Creativity as Catalyst for Economic Success

In Australian capital cities, warnings of an apartment oversupply have prompted a rethinking of the ..MORE

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Designer In Focus February 21

Designer in Focus: Kylie Bickle

We recently caught up with Australian designer Kylie Bickle, to discuss her latest inspirations and ..MORE

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