We Are Makers


We start by listening so we can see potential in every idea, and the possibility in every challenge. We push above and beyond to deliver bespoke art and design projects that exceed the expectations of our clients and collaborators, and excite their intended audiences.


To curate is to care. Where traditionally a curator may take care of a collection of artworks or objects, at UAP we help in taking care of places, cities and communities.


Master Planning

Public Art Strategy

Culture & Heritage

Artist Procurement

Dedicated Design Resource

Design Assist

Digital Modelling & Renders

Materials & Construction Methods

Cost Planning & Programming

Installation Methodology

Temporary Programs

Impact and Benefits Research

Marketing Solutions


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We are all makers at heart, and it is through the process of making that we are able to give life to abstract ideas, designs and concepts. Whether by machine or maker’s hand, our team works across a diverse range of workshop capabilities and departments to bring each distinctive design to life.


Budget & Logistics

Technical Drawings & Engineering Support

Advanced Robotics

Augmented Reality Fabrication Assist

Robotic Milling

Project Management

Pattern Making

Paint Shop

Mould Making

Lost Wax & Sand Casting

Welding & Fabrication

Finishing & Patina

Panel Beating


Artwork Ingredients List & Carbon Audit

Preservation, Restoration & Maintenance

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UAP Preservation and their team of trained conservators and technicians provide a broad range of services for the care of varying artworks and collections. With foundries and facilities in numerous locations including New York, Los Angeles, Asia, and Australia, UAP Preservation can provide the local support required for your conservation projects.


Conservation Consultancy

Condition Reporting and Collection Assessments

Public & Municipal Art Collection Surveys

Restoration & Repair

Refabrication & Modification


Conservation Management Plans

Maintenance Schedules

Digital Preservation Strategies

Artist Estate Planning

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