We collaborate with emerging and established artists, architects, developers & designers to deliver creative outcomes for the public realm.

Brothers Daniel and Matthew Tobin originally established UAP as ‘Urban Artists’ in 1993. Together they created a studio and workshop that could facilitate projects, work with artists, and realise art for the public realm. Their collaborative approach provided artists the space to develop ideas, investigate materiality, deliver projects, and extend their practice. The brothers built a passionate team who worked hard, collaborated well, and delivered great projects.

These days UAP maintains the same collaborative approach, working alongside creative thinkers and leaders of all kinds. Now a global company, UAP is recognised world-round as a leader in public art and architectural design solutions. For more than 25 years we have shared our expertise and experience, collaborating with artists, architects and designers to deliver a proud portfolio of award-winning projects.

A passionate and diverse team, we work hard and collaborate well to deliver great projects. With the core skills of curatorship, design, project management, fabrication, and construction, UAP works across all parts of the creative process: from commissioning and curatorial services, concept generation and design development, right through to engineering, fabrication and installation.

At UAP we take pride in embracing uncommon creativity and extending creative practice. We are always on the lookout for the next big challenge. Supported by our core values of creativity, collaboration, insightfulness and innovation, UAP offers pioneering design solutions, formulated through rigorous research, development and consultation. Working with expert resources and the most innovative manufacturing technologies and techniques, we deliver the world-class creative projects that transform spaces into places for people.

  • We are explorers

    We thrive on exploring new territory to seek out how we can make a project work, both on the workshop floor and in the studio. We’ve made over 3300 creative works using this approach.

  • We are creatives

    We understand how important, powerful and engaging a strong creative vision can be if delivered to its potential and with complete integrity.

  • We are makers

    We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. 25 years of making incredible stuff means we have amazingly skilled expertise on hand.


  • Public Art Masterplans and strategies
  • Artwork theming
  • Artist procurement and management
  • Public programming
  • Strategic partnerships


  • Dedicated artist and architect support
  • Development of design concepts
  • Design Documentation and presentation packages
  • Fabrication and installation
  • Methodology review
  • Design robotics and advanced manufacturing analysis


  • Project management
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics
  • Technical Documentation
  • Materials Research and Investigation
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

Our Team

The people in our dedicated and talented team are the core of our business. With a range of creative and technical backgrounds, the team is the public face of the company and offers an array of important skill sets that enable projects to come to fruition.

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  • Discipline