About us

Incredible things don’t just happen; they’re created, nurtured, believed in.

Arts, culture, and creativity have always played a vital role in bringing people together. UAP continues this tradition with an enduring belief that creativity can inspire incredible possibilities. By pairing exceptional strategies and manufacturing capabilities with our team’s unrivalled dedication to excellence, we ensure that our generation creates timeless and relevant objects, ideas, and places that will inspire and connect people for generations to come. As a company, this is the common ground on which we move forward.

#What we do


To curate is to care. Where traditionally a curator may take care of a collection of artworks or objects, at UAP we help in taking care of places, cities and communities. We think of people first, considering the impacts that creative art and design can deliver to our civic environments. From master planning and strategy development to artist shortlisting and engagement, our curatorial team shapes project visions, narratives, and directions, ensuring the right creatives and approaches are brought to each project.

Design Assist

If any vision without a plan is just a dream, then so is any concept without a design. Our design team works with artists, architects and designers to refine their concept ideas into practical and achievable designs and drawings ready for realisation. Researching and advising on materials and methodologies of making, our design team combines aesthetic sensibility with practical functionality, creating designs, drawings and visualisations that match artistic vision with fabrication and cost realities.


We are all makers at heart, and it is through the process of making that we are able to give life to abstract ideas, designs and concepts. Whether by machine or maker’s hand, our team works across a diverse range of workshop capabilities and departments to bring each distinctive design to life. Our broad range of expertise and enduring experience ensures we produce the perfect outcome every time, while maintaining the artistic intent and vision of each project.

About us

People & Culture

While times have changed since we first opened our doors, one thing that has remained constant is our commitment to our clients and core values. At UAP we take pride in embracing uncommon creativity and extending creative practice. Bringing together people and capabilities to provide our clients with solutions to challenging problems is where we excel. Our unique culture emphasises determination, curiosity, generosity, teamwork and excellence in craft, and these values drive our success.

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Global Offices

UAP assists in every stage of the design process. Our facilities include design studios, robotics and innovation hubs, factories, foundries, and an international network of engineers, installers and suppliers, extending the full length of a project’s development and lifespan. Across our range of facilities, artists, designers, curators, architects, developers, engineers, and clients can collaborate on the world’s most ambitious projects while being ingrained and embedded in a transparent and collaborative process. It’s these facilities and our investment in the capabilities of our people and their tools that gives our projects the opportunity for success.

For clients and commissioners, our global representation brings a wealth of knowledge, resources, and local understanding of their unique project needs. For artists, working with UAP offers the ability to use our expertise on opportunities both in their home cultures and bring opportunities to expand their practice across borders to markets they are yet to explore.

Dane Currey, Principal