To curate is to care. Where traditionally a curator may take care of a collection of artworks or objects, at UAP we help in taking care of places, cities and communities. We think of people first, considering the impacts that creative art and design can deliver to our civic environments. From master planning and strategy development to artist shortlisting and engagement, our curatorial team shapes project visions, narratives, and directions, ensuring the right creatives and approaches are brought to each project. 

Our global curators are passionate story tellers and dedicated collaborators working alongside independent curators and artists. Every day we engage with creatives of all backgrounds to inform our work, from city-scale art masterplans to stand alone commissions. Our curators love to care for the creatives who work to make incredible things that make our shared places unforgettable.

Natasha Smith, Director | Curatorial


Public Art Masterplans and Strategies

Our global team of curators work with creatives, city officials, developers, stakeholders and communities to identify artwork opportunities within developments, cities and public places. Drawing upon the project's vision and location along with our partner's needs, our curatorial team develops Master Plans that identify opportunities for meaningful artworks, reinforce a sense of place and future-proof public spaces.

Public Art Strategy

Our curators work in collaboration with our partners to curate Public Art Strategies that articulate a vision and direction for sourcing and/or commissioning artworks for a city, public space or development.

Artwork Briefs

We work closely with stakeholders to ensure that each brief effectively conveys the project's vision, context, and objectives, guiding artists in the creation of impactful and meaningful public artworks. This service aims to foster clear communication and alignment between artists, clients, and communities, leading to successful and engaging public art initiatives.

Artist Procurement & Management

Our curators will develop and manage Expression of Interest initiatives, curate a short-list of suitable artists, and select and creatively brief an artist who best aligns with the project's curatorial vision and artwork opportunities within the space.

#Design Assist

Digital Modelling & Renders

Whether it is an idea or a sketch, our design team can take this information and create a 3D portrayal of the design. Once modelled, the work can be placed within a rendered environment or AR/VR landscape. This enables artists and partners to see the project in situ, explore placement, scale, and material options, and identify any issues. From here, our designers can create the file types needed to 3D print, rout, and mill the maquettes, prototypes, and patterns for casting.

Materiality & Construction Advice

To meet the requirements of a project and the needs of our partners and creatives, our designers explore various material options and construction methods needed to make your project a reality. With input from our craftspeople during the design process, our designers plan for and problem-solve foreseeable fabrication issues that might occur before they make their way to the workshop floor.

Cost Estimating & Budgeting

Based on a project and its creative vision, we will work with our partners and creatives to explore, create, and present feasibility budgets and delivery programs that meet the project's needs while maintaining the original creative vision.

Shipping & Installation Guidance

For a successful installation, our designers work with our partners, project managers, and craftspeople to understand the project's installation location and space. Our designers plan, problem-solve and create the necessary drawings to meet the project's transportation and installation requirements.

#Other Services

Culture & Heritage

Working with our partners, local communities, and creatives, we collaborate with key cultural and heritage disciplines, ensuring that new projects honour and respect the history and background of a site.

Temporary Program

Our team will work with our partners to explore opportunities for non-permanent artworks, events or programs that temporarily activate a specified space or location. Temporary programs provide new experiences, engage the community and encourage repeat visitation.

Artwork Ingredients List

As part of our sustainability strategy, we collaborate with artists and clients to calculate an artwork's carbon emission by creating its unique ingredients list. This allows our client a form of transparency around the production of the artwork and inform offset plans and discuss the artwork's life cycle included 'end of use' – repair, reuse, recycle, product take back.

Impact & Benefits Research

Our team are currently working with a research team from Griffith University and other research partners to develop and create the most comprehensive and holistic study that both quantitatively and qualitatively defines the impacts and benefits of public art.


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