UAP Preservation and their team of trained conservators and technicians provide a broad range of services for the care of varying artworks and collections. The team draw on the technical knowledge and skills of the broader UAP company from engineering and design to monumental casting, refinishing and multi-material fabrication capabilities. Utilizing these additional departments, UAP Preservation can address the complex problems required for collections care and management of modern and contemporary art.

With foundries and facilities in numerous locations including New York, Los Angeles, Asia, and Australia, UAP Preservation can provide the local support required for your conservation projects. Utilizing the support of our foundry and workshop resources enables UAP to provide the highest quality of preservation services for monumental and fabricated artworks including consultation and delivery of transport, installation, rigging, treatment, maintenance, and storage oversight and project delivery. Our services are informed by decades of material knowledge from our talented foundry staff and an expansive range of vendors, along with our established working relationships with a broad network of contemporary artists. We also provide a range of collections management services, from conservation management plans to condition reporting and collection assessments.

All work is undertaken with the artist’s intent prioritized, and in compliance with the American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Work’s (AIC) “Code of Ethics” and “Guidelines for Practice”, including thorough written and photographic documentation for all services provided.

Our Preservation team bring together talented conservators, restoration technicians and art professionals with an expansive range of fabricated art experience for your preservation projects. From designers and engineers to fine art finishers, riggers, and fabricators with decades of technical knowledge, we can provide a multilayered support system for the conservation and care of complex and monumental fabricated works. Our legacy knowledge from the Polich Tallix foundry, coupled with UAP’s state-of-the-art global facilities, ensure we can service your projects wherever they may be, with the core goal of preserving the artist's intent in line with industry-standard conservation ethics.

Sylvia Jeffries, Preservation and Special Projects


Conservation Consultancy

Provides consultancy services for support throughout the curatorial, design, fabrication, and delivery stages for large-scale and/or fabricated artwork production to ensure optimum materials and techniques are chosen for ongoing longevity. Through dialogue and consultation with artists, we can build conservation strategies to aid in the decision-making process during production.

Condition Reporting and Collection Assessments

Industry-standard examination, documentation, and condition reporting of singular or artwork collections to assess stability and overall condition. With a range of reporting available, conditions noted during examination are translatable into follow-up treatment proposals by our trained preservation staff or skilled partners.

Public & Municipal Art Collection Surveys

Comprehensive preservation services for public art collections ensure each piece's longevity and integrity and the collection as a whole. Our expert team conducts detailed surveys to assess the condition of artworks, identify potential risks, and develop tailored preservation strategies tailored to the client's needs. By implementing best practices in conservation and maintenance, we aim to protect valuable cultural assets for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.


Restoration & Repair

Examination, documentation, and treatment of artworks using archival and reversible materials, where possible, and the employment of appropriate materials and techniques for the unique needs encountered in the treatment of outdoor sculpture.

Refabrication & Modification

Artwork modification, partial and/or complete refabrication of artworks and their components in consultation with artists' studios, estates and other stakeholders delivered to conservation standards with the highest-level documentation protocols. Our team consults with UAP's broader team of designers, engineers, manufacturing experts and consultancy staff to preserve industrially fabricated and/or cast sculpture by engaging our making capabilities and knowledge through the team.


UAP Preservation specializes in preserving and restoring monumental, fabricated and cast artworks to their original glory. Our expert team uses cutting-edge techniques and materials to clean, repair, and protect sculptures from environmental damage, vandalism, and deterioration over time. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for art preservation, we ensure that each artwork receives the care and attention it deserves.

Note that all work is undertaken in compliance with the American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Work’s (AIC) “Code of Ethics” and “Guidelines for Practice”, and treatment reports are provided.


Conservation Management Plans

A crucial part of conservation management for large-scale, multi-component works and outdoor sculpture is developing a conservation management plan. This planning utilizes values-based conservation planning methodology, as set out in international benchmarks such as the ICOMOS Burra Charter, to emphasize the significance of intangible values and the physical aspects of an installation or artwork. The process incorporates gathering information, analysing, and assessing an artwork and its site, condition, history, and materials to inform maintenance and management strategies.

Maintenance Schedules

Ongoing maintenance schedules developed specifically for the needs of an artwork or collections, including cleaning, re-application of protective wax and coating finishes, along with ongoing regular condition assessments to monitor the health of the artworks and ensure any conditions and treatment needs are identified and addressed in a timely manner.

Digital Preservation Strategies

Utilizing in-depth technical fabrication knowledge and consultancy from the workshop and broader fabrication team at UAP, our Preservation department provides risk mitigation strategies by incorporating best practice conservation and engineering, design, fabrication, and casting capabilities for preventive care solutions. Our team offers preventive conservation consultation to aid in acquiring, installing, de-instating, wrapping and storing artwork.

Artist Estate Planning

We specialize in art conservation services tailored to artist estate planning, ensuring the preservation and legacy of artists' practices and works for future generations. Our experienced team collaborates with artists, art historians, galleries, collectors, curators, and estate planners to develop customized conservation plans and documentation strategies that address the specific preservation needs for fabricated artworks. Through a holistic approach incorporating meticulous documentation, treatment, preventive care, and reporting, we protect the integrity and value of each artwork while honouring the artist's original overall vision.