Lawrence Argent

Lawrence Argent

#a moment in time


Lawrence Argent’s public art commission depicts an inverted and abstracted elephant, balancing perfectly on its trunk.

Commissioned for the Nanjing Yuhua E-Park in China’s Software Valley, the work is a visual entry maker and represents the continual advancement and transformation of technological development. Argent’s work, titled a moment in time, is comprised of over 15,000 individual ‘pixels’, each manufactured in brushed stainless steel or painted
Rosso Corsa red.

Fabricated in UAP’s Shanghai workshop, each “pixel” was fastened using a nut and bolt system, with each component positioned together to create the final 12m tall form. Delivered within a tight nine month schedule, UAP worked with the artist to visualize, create and deliver the work.

Revered as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, patience and strength, elephants have long since held the intrigue of many. Here, the elephant is manifesting itself into physicality from its surroundings. The absorption of new found data, information is gelling much like pixels becoming a whole, but in this case it is a mere incomplete moment

Lawrence Argent

Image credits: Rex Zou. Concept image: courtesy of the artist

#Project summary


Lawrence Argent

Artwork Title

a moment in time


Nanjing Yuhua E-Park


Fullshare Group




Nanjing, China



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