Sarah Sze

Sarah Sze

#Fallen Sky


Contemporary artist Sarah Sze specializes in utilizing everyday objects to create multimedia installations. Representing the United States at the Venice Biennale in 2013, the artist has designed and executed globally renowned collections.

Marking the first permanent site-specific commission at Storm King Art Center since 2009, Sarah Sze’s Fallen Sky is placed midway atop Museum Hill. The 36-foot-diameter spherical artwork captures the grand sky that can be seen across great distances of Storm King. The installation highlights the integrity of the material itself, while simultaneously encouraging viewers to engage and appreciate the surrounding nature.

Our New York team, just a few miles away from Storm King, worked closely with the artist and her studio from design coordination and into full fabrication. From a complex digital model, patterns were CNC milled in foam. These foam patterns were then used to cast the stainless-steel sculpture in a sand-casting technique. The fabrication, assembly, finishing, and passivation of the mirror-polished sculpture ensued in our Rock Tavern workshop, where the artist would frequent throughout production.

This highly integrated and utterly iconic sculpture is open to the public beginning June 26, 2021.

Image credits: Sarah Sze, Fallen Sky, 2021. Storm King Art Center, Mountainville, NY. ©Sarah Sze. Photo by NIck Knight courtesy of Sarah Sze Studio

Progress photos: Chris Roque

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Sarah Sze

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Fallen Sky


Sarah Sze Storm King Commission


Storm King




New Windsor, USA



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