Todd Robinson

Todd Robinson

#Oooh Aaah


Australian artist Todd Robinson is known for his works that explore the relationship between gravity and form. In this work titled Oooh Aaah, Robinson creates a bold visual paradox by depicting two oversized balloons as heavy, gravid forms, one sitting within a sunken plaza, the other overhanging a handrail and drooping towards the ground. 

The work acts as a site marker and playful intervention, interacting with the landscape across two areas, drawing people in and sparking curiosity. Fabricated using Panel beaten stainless steel, automotive putty with bright automotive matte paint finish, UAP collaborated with Robinson to develop and deliver the engaging work.

Larger than life, bright and colorful balloon sculptures will be installed on the site. The sculptures interact playfully with the site utilizing its two-level structure and its relationship to the street. They depict a surreal scenario of creative, playful engagement and interaction.

Todd Robinson

Image credit: Rex Zou

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Todd Robinson

Artwork Title

Oooh Aaah


Nanjing Yuhua E-Park


Fullshare Group




Nanjing, China



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