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Paul Cocksedge Studio and Swire Properties engaged the services of UAP to fabricate and install this highly anticipated tour of Please Be Seated in China. The large-scale installation was designed for the busy nature of urban life, reinvigorating the way local audiences interact with space and the community. This major art installation also reflects Swire Properties’ commitment to offering world-class art and cultural experiences for local communities to enjoy.

This is the first international showcase of the giant public art piece, which was originally designed by Paul Cocksedge Studio for the 2019 London Design Festival. Following the Chengdu stop, Please Be Seated will travel across the country to Taikoo Hui in Guangzhou, Taikoo Li Qiantan in Shanghai, and finally Taikoo Li Sanlitun in Beijing, where it will become a permanent installation in the capital city.

UAP Shanghai worked closely with Paul Cocksedge Studio to explore fabrication methods and materiality suitable for a large-scale touring installation. Fabricated from 1,440 planks of sustainably sourced timber, this 15.2 metre-long installation features ‘waves’ of wood rising to form arches for people to walk through, and curves under to create space for people to sit, lie and relax.

A specially created version of Please Be Seated made its Hong Kong debut at Taikoo Park during 2021 Hong Kong Art Basel, which will become its permanent home

Image credits: Rex Zou and Swire Properties
Concept images by Paul Cocksedge Studio.

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Paul Cocksedge Studio

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Please Be Seated


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Chengdu, China



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