Reko Rennie

Reko Rennie

#Remember Me


Continuing a strong record of collaboration, Indigenous artist Reko Rennie worked alongside UAP to develop and fabricate an artwork commission for Yarra City Council in Melbourne, Australia. Rennie was tasked with creating a public work which pays tribute to the Stolen Generations — acting as an important community memorial and a space for visitors to sit, reflect, mourn and remember.

Incorporating traditional Indigenous symbols Remember Me acknowledges the trauma of past events and recognizes the strengths and resilience of the Aboriginal community. Nine vertical spears represent the battles of past and present, each fabricated in cast bronze to authentically express the handmade nature of traditional spears. Central to the space is a bronze coolamon — a bark vessel traditionally used to carry infants — representing family. Together with the granite seating treated with Rennie’s signature geometric patterns, each element is positioned within a ceremonial ring, creating a circle of gathering, remembrance and contemplation within the park.

My vision for the Stolen Generations Marker is an inclusive environment where people can sit and peacefully reflect on, mourn and acknowledge the deep trauma of the past, as well as connect with the ongoing strength and resilience of the Aboriginal community and support the process of healing.

Reko Rennie

Image credits: Courtesy of Yarra City Council / Nicole Gleary, Rachel See

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Reko Rennie

Artwork Title

Remember Me


Stolen Generation Memorial


Yarra City Council




Melbourne, Australia



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