Dennis Nona

Dennis Nona



Nona’s Ubirikubiri is a 3.6m bronze crocodile with a man on its back. The work tells the story of a legend that took place on the Mai Kusa (river) on the west coast of Papua New Guinea. Covered in intricate carvings, the sculpture reflects the traditional obsession with mark making typical of the arts and crafts of the Torres Strait. UAP assisted Nona to extend his practice from carving to casting in metal. In 2009 Nona was awarded the 24th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award (NATSIAA) for this work.

Dennis Nona is represented by the Australian Art Print Network and Art Mob.

UAP is proud to have funded the first edition of this work.

Image credits: Scott Burrows, Emma Reilly.
Excerpt of text adapted from Ashley Crawford, Art Collector, 

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Dennis Nona

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Canberra, Australia



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