Yuri Suzuki

Yuri Suzuki

#Vox PopulA.I


Yuri Suzuki is a sound artist, designer and electronic musician. His practice explores the realms of sound through designed pieces that examine the relationship between people and their environments - questioning how music and sound evolve to create personal experiences.

The Science Centre in Singapore is a museum dedicated to showcasing different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to encourage public interest and understanding of these fields. The museum co-organises the Singapore Science Festival, annually attracting visitors worldwide. They work with schools and communities to promote young people's passion and curiosity for science.

Interestingly, "Vox Populi" is a Latin word that translates into Chinese as "the voice of the people". The artist hopes that this artwork will be able to hear the voices of all the visitors, capture their laughter each time, and make this Science Centre a more profound link with the local citizens. In addition, the name also has another meaning; the artist combined "Populi" and "A.I." to form the title of the work - "Vox PopulA.I", It represents that in the future, the combination of art and modern technology will bring more incredible works to people, and technology will change our lives.

This impressive interactive installation can be found in the recently developed outdoor area in Science Centre Singapore. The artwork continues the artist's consistent creative practice, drawing inspiration from a previous piece called The Welcome Chorus. The installation combines sound, sculpture, and artificial intelligence, and it features five colourful horns with special devices to collect the words and sounds from the surrounding audience and environment. Through the use of artificial intelligence technology (A.I.), the horns produce a stunning melody and beautiful lyrics after undergoing processing.

Our team in China team is thrilled to have helped deliver this artwork for Singapore and, most importantly, worked closely with the artist, Yuri Suzuki, and the Singapore Science Museum to bring ‘Vox PopulA.I’, a fantastic sound installation, to the Museum.

Image Credit: Yuri Suzuki

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Yuri Suzuki

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Vox PopulA.I


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