Huma Bhabha

Huma Bhabha

#Welcome…to the one who came


Huma Bhabha is well known for her evocative sculptures and drawings, which explore the complexities of the human form and its expressive possibilities. Bhabha's work is characterized by layered and nuanced forms that challenge conventional notions of identity and cultural dynamics. She draws inspiration from diverse sources such as art history, science fiction, and urban life.

David Zwirner hosted the exhibitions of Bhabha's work at 537 West 20th Street and 34 East 69th Street in New York. These exhibitions marked the gallery's first presentations of Bhabha's work since her representation in 2022, following her solo exhibition in 2023 at M Leuven, Belgium, and MO.CO., Montpellier, France.

Bhabha's sculptures and drawings at the gallery demonstrated her mastery of form and materiality. From towering figures cast in bronze like the monumental 'Even Stones Have Eyes' to smaller-scale works on paper, Bhabha's pieces evoke themes of destruction, displacement, and rebirth.

The exhibition highlighted Bhabha's ability to navigate a wide range of media, creating hybrid figures that resonate across time and space. Collaborating with the artist and the gallery to develop fabrication systems for the sculptures, we ensured the delivered artworks' structural integrity and visual impact.

Image Credit: Installation view, Huma Bhabha: Welcome…to the one who came, David Zwirner, New York, February 22—April 13, 2024

Courtesy David Zwirner

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Huma Bhabha

Artwork Title

Welcome…to the one who came


David Zwirner Gallery




New York City, USA

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