Harley Valentine

Harley Valentine

#Always Forever Now


Harley Valentine is known for his bold sculptural installations. His 2019 sculpture Always Forever Now is installed at the entrance to the Shenzhen Minmentals Financial Centre, welcoming those who visit the centre. 

The 8-meter-tall artwork is a continuation of the Canadian artists interest and exploration into architectural gateways or “portals” as a metaphor of humanity’s psychological transformation. Inspired by the centre’s nautical design, Always Forever Now is reminiscent of sails of ships moving around the nearby Shenzhen Port.

Always Forever Now was realised within UAP’s Shanghai studio and workshop. Made using thick aluminium plate board and finished in red automotive paint, the artwork has become a landmark of the centre and Shenzhen’s CBD. 

#Project summary


Harley Valentine

Artwork Title

Always Forever Now


Shenzhen Minmetals Financial Centre in China


Minmetal JinYi Futures Co., LTD




Shenzhen, China

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