James Tapscott

James Tapscott

#Diaphanous Bloom


Representing the dynamic energy and growth of Shenzhen, Australian artist James Tapscott was commissioned by Art Front Gallery to create Diaphanous Bloom — an 8.5m tall permanent sculpture for the Shenzhen MixC World development in China. Fabricated from mirror polished stainless steel, Tapscott’s work takes the form of a geometric tree sculpture, elegantly rising from the ground and twisting into an overhead canopy of branches. UAP was engaged by the artist and client to oversee and manage the installation of this incredible project. 

Positioned at a key pedestrian intersection, Tapscott’s work creates visuals of swirling foliage by spraying mist into the surrounding air. Coupled with the sculpture’s programable lighting, Diaphanous Bloom is in a constant state of change, responding to cultural events and holidays through lighting effects during both night and day.

Image Credit: Rex Zou

#Project summary


James Tapscott

Artwork Title

Diaphanous Bloom


MixC World, Shenzhen


Shenzhen CR Land




Shenzhen, China



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