Reko Rennie

Reko Rennie



Pt. Leo Estate is located on the south-eastern tip of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula and hosts a sculpture park showcasing a growing collection of Australian and international artwork commissions. Set against the backdrop of ocean, vineyards, gardens and the open sky, this unique setting offers the opportunity to experience art within the
natural landscape. 

Australian artist Reko Rennie in collaboration with UAP was commissioned to
create a site-specific work for the Estate. Titled Mirri, Rennie’s work references traditional Indigenous culture in his signature use of bold geometric patterns and vivid use of colour.

Standing at over 6.5meters tall, the dazzling sculpture features a contemporary representation of traditional indigenous icons – a shield and two boomerangs with their centre points touching. The colour palette of neon pink and black in geometric patterning creates a striking contrast to the natural surrounds, provoking discussion surrounding contemporary indigenous culture and identity. Fabricated in laser cut aluminium sheet and finished precisely by hand in a 2 pack vehicle wet spray, this work signals UAP’s fifth successful collaboration with the artist.

Image credits: Rachel See. Concept image: courtesy of artist.

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Reko Rennie

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Pt. Leo Estate Sculpture Park


Pt. Leo Estate




Melbourne, Australia



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