Janet Fieldhouse

Janet Fieldhouse

#Sister Crossing


Janet Fieldhouse is a Torres Strait Islander woman whose artwork merges traditional practices and cultural narratives. Her work explores themes like environmental sustainability, intergenerational knowledge, global identity, and the essence of Country. Using natural materials, she conveys personal stories and invites viewers on a journey to explore Torres Strait Islander heritage, emphasising themes of identity and cultural preservation. Her practice honours the strength and diversity of Australian Indigenous art.

'Sister Crossing' is a bronze sculpture created in partnership with Agency Projects, an Indigenous-led not-for-profit organisation. The Australian Embassy in Washington, D.C., commissioned the artwork to highlight the strong connection between Australia and the U.S. 'Sister Crossing' features a turtle motif and constellation markings, which are perforated to allow light to spill out, adding to its beauty. The sculpture was created to honour First Nations stories on the international stage and share their knowledge with a global audience, supporting a sense of identity, connection, and belonging.

The creation of 'Sister Crossing' was made possible through a collaboration between Janet Fieldhouse, Agency Projects, and UAP. Agency led the selection, curation, procurement, and delivery of five contemporary artworks across the embassy's internal and external spaces, including 'Sister Crossing.' UAP's Australia pattern-making team worked with Janet to sculpt the main body form and feathers, applying textures to the feathers and adding details such as the turtle motif and constellation markings to the body. UAP cast the pattern in bronze and welded it together. Patina was applied to add colour, and crystallised wax was used to seal the colour. The result is an incredible artwork that captures the essence of Torres Strait Islander heritage and showcases the strength and diversity of Australian Indigenous art on the global stage.

Sister Crossing (witchery) is the protector, a deity, a magical container of power. Its body form is a platform and an abstract idea of identity. Sister Crossing references the connection that was a journey of myself meeting First Nations people in USA.

Janet Fieldhouse

Agency are thrilled to work with DFAT and lead this project of extraordinary commissions. It is an honour to work with such an esteemed panel, who provided rigour and expertise around the artwork selections.

Kade McDonald, CEO, Agency Projects

Image Credit: Rachel See, Chris Roque courtesy of UAP| Urban Art Projects

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Digital Sculpting & 3D Modelling
Design Development Support
Pattern Making
Lost Wax Casting & Sand Casting
Welding & Fabrication
Finishing & Patina



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Janet Fieldhouse

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Sister Crossing


Australian Embassy Washington


DFAT and Agency Projects




Washington DC , USA



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