Benjamin Storch

Benjamin Storch

#Threefold & Study In Motion


Located at the main entrance of Times China’s luxury residential development The Master is Australian artist Benjamin Storch’s sculpture titled Threefold. Greeting residents and guests as they enter the complex, this elegant and fluid sculpture symbolizes the circular movements in nature and the balance created between the elements of water and land. 

A second circular sculpture by Storch titled Study In Motion is located within the development, conveying ideas of balance, harmony and the cyclic nature of life. Fabricated by UAP in panel beaten brass, the making of these works required skilled precision to ensure that each surface and curve was perfectly executed to guarantee the integrity of each form. UAP was engaged from the onset of this project, working on the curatorial vision, design development, fabrication and installation.

Image Credit: Rex Zou

#Project summary


Benjamin Storch

Artwork Title

Threefold & Study In Motion


Times China The Master


Times China




Guangzhou, China



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