Design Assist

Design Assist

If any vision without a plan is just a dream, then so is any concept without a design. Our design team works with artists, architects and designers to refine their concept ideas into practical and achievable designs and drawings ready for realisation. Researching and advising on materials and methodologies of making, our design team combines aesthetic sensibility with practical functionality, creating designs, drawings and visualisations that match artistic vision with fabrication and cost realities. 

Our dedicated team advance a concept into a constructible and cost estimated design. As part of this service, our team of Designers and Project Managers develop fabrication methods and details, coordinate with Engineers and other project consultants, develop cost estimates and project schedules, and deliver a path forward to realize the work. In addition to technical coordination, we also support Artists and Designers with visualization services, material sampling, modelling, and prototyping. We love supporting Artists and Designers to develop constructible solutions that meet their design goals!

Emily Johnson, Senior Principal


Dedicated Design Resource

Working closely with our partners and creatives to understand the design intent and artistic vision of a project, our designers draw upon their expertise, collaborate with internal and external teams, and maintain a consistent dialogue with the artist and creatives to help bring their visions to life. Fundamental to our global design team’s ethos, our team ensures the project's concept and artistic vision are honoured, maintained and celebrated throughout the design and fabrication process.

Digital Modelling & Renders

Whether it is an idea or a sketch, our design team can take this information and create a 3D portrayal of the design. Once modelled, the work can be placed within a rendered environment or AR/VR landscape. This enables artists and partners to see the project in situ, explore placement, scale and material options whilst identifying any issues. From here our designers can create the file types needed to 3D print, rout, and mill the maquettes, prototypes and patterns for casting.

Materials & Construction Methods

To meet the requirements of a project and the needs of our partners and creatives, our designers explore various material options and construction methods needed to make your project a reality. With input from our craftspeople during the design process, our designers plan for and problem-solve foreseeable fabrication issues that might occur before it makes its way to the workshop floor.

Cost Planning & Programming

Based on a project and its creative vision we will work with our partners and creatives to explore, create and present feasibility budgets and delivery programs that meet the needs of the project, whilst still maintaining the original creative vision.

Installation Methodology

For a successful installation, our designers work with our partners, project managers, and craftspeople to understand the project's installation location and space. Our designers plan, problem solve and create the necessary drawings to meet the requirements needed for a project’s transportation and installation.



Florentijn Hofman

Shenzhen, China

Florentijn Hofman


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Perth, Australia

Catherine Woo


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Melbourne, Australia

Emily Floyd