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Jun Ong is an artist who has showcased his work in various major art festivals and has been commissioned by renowned brands like Nike, Gucci, and Philips Lighting for site-specific light installations. He examines how manipulating artificial light could impact how we experience the built form and its environment. 

Delivered in collaboration with art consultants Artling, Astra  is a stunning artwork In Singapore's Heart that represents the supernova phenomenon. The sculpture is built on top of One Raffles Place using steel that reflects the city's urban energy. The artwork's unique design involves the intersection of two geometries—dodecahedron and icosahedron—forming a durable core that expands into a massive, multi-faceted star-shaped object.

The artwork's illumination emphasizes its geometry, emitting a spectrum of colours that pulse in infinite patterns, creating a beacon of light with an ever-changing visual language. The artwork's reflective material allows for the convergence of both natural and man-made illumination, merging the city's spirit with the calm, ethereal quality of the skies.

Astra is a portal between two worlds - the celestial and the terrestrial. It represents the life journey of a star, formed through a unique confluence of matter and energy. Its innovative design pushes the boundaries of the cityscape while celebrating self-expression and innovation.

It is a portal between worlds - celestial and terrestrial. Like the life journey of a star, the artwork is formed through a unique confluence of matter and energy. It pushes the boundaries of the cityscape, celebrating innovation and self-expression.

Jun Ong

Client : OUE. Artist Team : Jun Ong, Ronald Lim, Brendan Tee, Wan Zhi Kai. Art Consultant : The Artling (Talenia Phua Gajardo, Kim Tay, Madi Amin). Lead Fabricator : UAP (Dane Currey, Anthony Zhou). Lighting Programmer : Ledscontrol (Rebeca Sanchez, Nayan Lleonart, Abigail Nava). Installer : Natal Industries (Ong Beng Hui). Electrical & AV Consultant : E&E (Joe Fong, Chen Shiuh Yang). Structural Engineer : KCL (He Zhihong). Submitting Architect : ATA Architects. Rooftop Architect : Studio NVS

Image Credit: Rendy Aryanto, Artogo Production

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Digital Sculpting & 3D Modelling
Design Development Support
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Welding & Fabrication


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Jun Ong

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