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Eva Hild is an artist and sculptor living in Scandinavia, Sweden. She has been working with organic sculptures for more than 20 years, creating pieces of various scales and materials that feature movements and openings. She was selected to be one of three artists to present artworks that align with Masdar City's commitment to creating a new type of city and a more sustainable future for everyone. 

The vision for this artwork was to be highly visible from the road and create a destination for both visitors and delegates. This artwork form is inspired by nature, and as the shape progresses and the lines shift, different qualities within the sculpture will emerge and recede.

The organic shape of FLOW contrasts the city square landscape and straight lines. It is highly visible from a distance, and when up closer, it becomes more intimate and relatable to the body. The sculpture's light and contours will be a focus point and activate the avenue space. Inspiration for the sculpture came from the FLOW of twisting motion. There is no front, back, beginning or end.

UAP worked closely with Hild to find the best artwork for the site and create it using sustainable materials. The 4 meter tall sculpture is made up of hand-beaten stainless steel, 3 millimeters thick to reduce the thickness leading to substantial material and energy savings. Using automotive paint, the white colour finish was chosen to reduce the material's heat retention, creating a more comfortable environment for surrounding viewers.

I hope the sculpture flow will be a positive inspiration and symbol for the ongoing movement development and openness of Masdar City.

Eva Hild

Image Credit: Jonathan Gainer / Surface Photography, courtesy of UAP | Urban Art Projects

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Eva Hild

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