Polly Borland

Polly Borland


Polly Borland is one of Australia’s foremost contemporary artists. Her surreal imaginings, equally strange and compelling, revel in playful potentials of composition and the body.

BOD 2022 is Borland’s first foray into sculpture, bringing to life the abstract forms of her iconic series ‘Morph’, 2018. The cast aluminium figure, finished in matte automotive paint, embraces a new sculptural potential of the artist’s original abstracted portraits. ‘BOD’s soft and fleshy allure belies the sculpture’s resolute solidity.

Borland worked with a human model who was 3D scanned to create the shape and form of BOD. From the scans, UAP’s team cast the work in aluminium using a lost wax casting technique. The 610mm tall sculpture was then finished in with a matte automotive paint.

BOD saw Borland work with UAP’s Australian and American teams to deliver an engineered incarnation of her much-beloved Morph personas, presented beyond their photographic frame for the first time.

Borland’s BOD was first displayed during the Melbourne Art Fair in 2022 with Sullivan+Strumpf.

Image Credit: Sullivan+Strumpf and Grace Dooner

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Polly Borland

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Polly Borland





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