Linda Marrinon

Linda Marrinon

#Woman in Jumpsuit


Celebrated for her plaster and terracotta figures which employ a playful wit, feminist theory, and a critical appraisal of modern figurative sculpture, Linda Marrinon’s practice spans painting, watercolour, and sculpture, playing with the traditional canon of Western art history.

The first in the Art Makers commission series, Marrinon’s Woman in jumpsuit, is installed in the National Gallery of Australia’s Sculpture Garden from until September 2023.

This sculpture Marrinon’s most significant work to date. Standing over three metres tall, the sculpture is an intriguing and commanding presence beside the shore of Lake Burley Griffin. The work is cast in coloured bronze, with hand-painted additions, to emulate Marrinon’s characteristic medium of delicately painted plaster.

Woman in jumpsuit was created in our Brisbane workshop in close collaboration with the artist. Starting with a 50 x 10 x 10cm maquette, Marrinon worked with our team in Brisbane to maintain the subtle textures and forms throughout the sand-casting process and, most importantly, upscaling the work to almost over three metres. Marrinon also worked closely with our paint team to paint the finished bronze, and at some areas have hand painted additions, to emulate Marrinon’s characteristic medium of delicate painted plaster. This collaborative process enables our team to miraculously reconcile precise attention to details of every sculpture element, from the contrast between faces and the use of intense, color-enhanced tactility of surfaces.

Woman in jumpsuit was created in our Brisbane workshop in close collaboration with the artist and funded by Art Makers.

Image Credit: Rachel See, National Gallery of Australia courtesy of UAP | Urban Art Projects

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Linda Marrinon

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Woman in Jumpsuit


National Gallery of Australia


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