Cao Fei

#Quantum Garden


BMW has collaborated with the internationally renowned Chinese artist Cao Fei to create a 'digital art model'. Inspired by this, the artist created Quantum Garden, first presented at the West Coast Art Fair. The combination with virtual reality technology leads the audience to an immersive perception of the physical image of the future.

At the ninth edition of the West Bund Art & Design Fair in 2022, BMW explored the concept of "Movement of Becoming", an exhibition that breaks away from the commonly known and explores outside the realm of objects. Through three distinctive art spaces, the exhibition explores the relationship between BMW's innovative technology and art - what kind of ideological landscape will emerge from breaking the field of movement of the two? What kind of generative state will it take to respond to the present and lead the future?

UAP is honoured to have assisted the artist Cao Fei in this large-scale digital art installation, which together creates an immersive journey that breaks through the physical image to the audience. 

The collaboration with artist Cao Fei was a process of exploration. In this project, the media materials include curved screens, a TPU inflatable, an AR program, and audio installations. The interplay of the four materials, breaking through the barrier between virtual and reality, and interacting with the audience and natural light is an unprecedented experiment for us. The concept theme of Quantum Garden is a highly romantic virtual cosmic wonderland, and the landing of the artwork is a virtual quantum situated in reality. Still, at the same time the landing of the quantum in AR is a reality located in the virtual. These two vastly different forms appear simultaneously on the viewer’s mobile phone. In Quantum Garden, we are encouraged as artistic manufacturers to break down the boundaries between media, to make the blending of the real and the virtual possible, and to send us and the audience with the artist into the quantum-filled void. Through this collaboration, I believe it will also expand the boundaries of UAP's approach to manufacturing, casting, and communicating and resonating with artistic minds to a greater extent.

-A.J Chou, Senior Project Manager, UAP

Image Credits: Jin Jiaji, and Jerome Huang courtesy of the artist and BMW

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Digital Sculpting & 3D Modelling
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Cao Fei

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Quantum Garden


Quantum Garden






Shanghai, China



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