Brook Andrew

Brook Andrew

#Jumping Castle War Memorial


Leading contemporary Australian Indigenous artist Brook Andrew created Jumping Castle War Memorial for the 17th Biennale of Sydney. The Biennale, themed “The Beauty of Distance, Songs of Survival in a Precarious Age”, showcased contemporary Australian and international artwork at various sites around Sydney in 2010. The inflatable jumping castle was situated on Cockatoo Island, a former imperial prison in Sydney’s Harbour.

An evocative public artwork with historical and contemporary ramifications, the installation invited viewers aged 16+ to make a choice to jump or not after considering the meaning of their actions. The castle measured 7 metres along each side and was decorated with patterns based on Wiradjuri design.

UAP designers collaborated with Andrew to realise the artwork, undertaking form studies, developing concept sketches and 3D renders, and managing fabrication to ensure adherence to safety standards.

Image credits: Mark Rossi, Daniel Boud

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Brook Andrew

Artwork Title

Jumping Castle War Memorial


17th Biennale of Sydney




Sydney, Australia



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