Leonie Rhodes

Leonie Rhodes

#Child of the Rocks


Seated outside The Harrington Collection in Sydney is Leonie Rhodes’ small figurative sculpture ‘Child of The Rocks’. Drawing inspiration from the adjacent materiality, ‘Child of the Rocks’ is representative of the lines and textures that feature within the mined blocks of the sandstone it is seated on, the mortar that holds it together, and the nearby Sydney rocks.

Like all of Leonie’s works, ‘Child of The Rocks’ possesses an inquisitive nature, beckoning visitors to engage directly with the sculpture's surface qualities and texture. Fabricated from cast bronze and finished with a dark patina surface, the artist envisages the surface to develop a hone and polish as the work ages and settles into its location.

The Harrington Collection in Sydney was designed by fjmt.

Image credit: Document Photography

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Leonie Rhodes

Artwork Title

Child of the Rocks


The Harrington Collection


ICON Construction and Time & Place




Sydney, Australia


Perides Art Projects

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