Shen Lieyi

Shen Lieyi

#Rain Pool Filled with Silence


Shen Lieyi is an artist, sculptor, and independent curator from Hangzhou. He is a professor at the College of Sculpture and Public Art at the China Academy of Art. Lieyi is well-known for incorporating natural elements into his sculpture art and turning his personal experiences into artistic expressions. His love and respect for nature can be seen reflected in his work, which is always harmoniously intertwined with the universe.

Lieyi's Rain · Pool Filled with Silence is a series of five black granite pieces of varying sizes and heights featuring undulating water ripples and misty mountain hues. Strategically placed at the entrance of the Hangzhou Center commercial plaza, the artworks are aesthetically pleasing and functional, serving as a place to rest. The reflective black granite mirrors the surrounding light, creating a dynamic portrayal of flowing water. As the artist mentioned, water symbolizes yin and softness, while stone symbolizes yang and hardness, and the artwork's imagery of water portrays this interplay of hardness and softness.

Our UAP Shanghai team assisted in the planning and execution of Rain · Pool Filled with Silence. It is one of many artworks, also part of this masterplan for Hangzhou are sculptures, curtain walls, seating, lighting fixtures, and other elements, aiming to balance artistic expression and practicality while infusing new life into this bustling commercial hub. The largest granite piece in Rain · Pool Filled with Silence measures approximately 1.7 meters in length and 1.2 meters in width.

The works I create are not only works of art but also seats for visitors to rest on. I call this way of receiving art "seat public", which connects the works to everyday life. I hope to bring the audience's exhausted and constricted minds to some sense of ease, comfort and joy.

Shen Lieyi

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Shen Lieyi

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Rain Pool Filled with Silence


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