Eva Hild

Eva Hild

#Flex & Sinus


Adorning the north and south rooftop gardens are Eva Hild’s sculptures Flex and Sinus. Intricately bending and folding upon themselves, the works are made of hand-forged stainless steel with a bright automotive paint finish. Flex and Sinus are a continuation of Hild’s unique practice, viewing her sculptures as bodies and exploring how influence, pressure and strain are expressed within their continuously flowing forms. The smooth curves are contrasted by thin, sharp-looking edges, and the undulating forms alter depending on how you approach them, creating an engaging and intriguing focal point for the rooftop spaces.

UAP’s Shanghai team assisted the artist throughout the design development, as well as coordinating the tailored fabrication and installation approach for both Flex and Sinus.

The 1.48 million square meter centre is set to become the largest of its kind in the world. Incorporated within and throughout the Centre are ten site-specific artworks from seven different artists, each of which were selected following a comprehensive public art master plan created by UAP’s Shanghai team. 

#Services provided


Public Art Masterplans and Strategies
Artist Procurement and Management

Design Assist

Digital Model & Render
Materials and Construction Methods
Installation Methodology


Technical Drawings
Paint Shop
Welding and Fabrication

#Project summary


Eva Hild

Artwork Title

Flex & Sinus


Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center


Shenzhen Municipal Government & China Merchants Shekou




Shenzhen, China



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