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Atomic Visual Studio is a digital art group founded by new media artist Wang Meng in 2013. The group's artworks encompass multimedia stage design, video art installations, motion design, and short films. With over ten years of experience in creating digital art, Atomic Visual Studio strives to showcase contemporary cultural symbols through a diverse portfolio of creative works. Always delightfully mischievous but artistically reflective, the group's artworks expand the language of visual expression into many other fields.

For their work at Suzhou Yanlord Cangjie, Atomic Visual Studio used new media techniques to breathe life into the magpies flying from Suzhou embroidery. They craft dynamic, night-time art projections, inviting the audience to wander through surreal Suzhou-style settings, embarking together to conceal treasures within the art garden. The resplendent courtyard, aglow with nocturnal brilliance, beckons for a moment of contemplation and admiration.

Working in collaboration with Florentijn Hofman, Atomic Visual Studio's digital work is integral to Suzhou Yanlord Cangjie's curatorial vision, Seeking Treasures, Encountering Oneself, created by our consultancy team in Shanghai.

​The overall visual style is magnificent and dreamy. We have attempted to capture a new sense of classicism with soft-focus lighting, hoping the audience can feel the flow of time through the dynamic gaze.

Atomic Visual Studio

Images and video courtesy of artist and Jerome Huang of UAP | Urban Art Projects

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atomic visual studio

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light and shadow


Suzhou Yanlord Cangjie


Yanlord Land Group




Suzhou, China


atomic visual studio

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