James & Eleanor Avery

James & Eleanor Avery

#Lucky Dip


James and Eleanor Avery’s sculpture Lucky Dip takes the form of a gliding swallow carrying two diamonds in its beak. The suspended aluminium work greets hotel guests at the entrance of the luxury hotel The Darling at The Star.

The purpose of the work is to bring life and energy to the site through positive symbolism. The vivid red colour adds vibrancy to the space and the geometric, faceted design reflects the industrial heritage of the site. The swallow is a symbol of hope, fertility and the renewal of life, and the diamonds symbolise love, excellence, purity, strength,
power and brilliance.

Lucky Dip compliments the geometry of the building and adds an energetic, playful feel to the lobby, enhancing the atmosphere and welcoming guests to the luxury hotel.

Image credits: Roger D'Souza. Concept image courtesy of the artists.

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James & Eleanor Avery

Artwork Title

Lucky Dip


The Star


Echo Entertainment


Sydney, Australia



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