Lindy Lee

Lindy Lee

#Moonlight Deities


Chinese-Australian artist Lindy Lee and UAP have delivered an extensive selection of public art commissions both within Australia and internationally. In a continuation of this ongoing partnership, Lee was commissioned to create a site-specific installation for the entrance foyer at 480 Queen St, a commercial mixed-use development in the centre of Brisbane’s CBD. 

Drawing from her cultural influences of Buddhist and Taoist cosmology and philosophy, Lee created ‘Moonlight Deities’ a series of suspended perforated disks that are emblematic of elemental energy, permeability and interconnection.

Crafted by hand in UAP’s Brisbane workshop, the work is comprised of 5 highly textural large circular elements with individual patterns created by plasma cut openings. Suspended overhead, the work is a highly dramatic and distinctive element of the space, also visible from the outside street to draw in pedestrians. Fabricated in stainless steel, each unique disk produces a continually changing shadow play as light conditions change through the day and night.

Lindy Lee is represented by Sullivan + Strumpf and Sutton Gallery.

Image credits: Rachel See, Edwina Fox. Concept images: courtesy of the artist

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Lindy Lee

Artwork Title

Moonlight Deities


480 Queen Street






Brisbane, Australia



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