Wolfgang Buttress

Wolfgang Buttress

#North Star Chicago


Wolfgang Buttress is an award-winning artist acclaimed for his simple, elegant, and contextual works which traverse the realms of art, science, and imagination. 

UAP collaborated with Buttress to deliver North Star Chicago, a ceiling-mounted light sculpture located at the entry lobby of the United Airlines Polaris Lounge, Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Designed to recreate the wonder of flying, the sculpture draws inspiration from the lights of downtown Chicago and the stars above it.

Using a hands-on approach, UAP worked alongside Buttress to map out the
sculpture’s stainless steel framework to suspend 1500 individual optic strands amongst a scattered field of glass bulbs. The collaboration combined creative ideas and researched-based understanding to arrange the glass bulbs and optic cables in a configuration that mingles the constellations of the sky above with the twinkling of Chicago’s city lights.

North Star Chicago reflects our relationship to the surrounding world, creating a
one-of-a-kind experience which immerses visitors to the lounge in dream-like space. Commissioned by United Airlines, the artwork is the first of nine site-specific
installations being created for the airline’s lounges across the globe.

Flight is an incredible thing…It’s the idea of express[ing] the sense of wonder or sublime, that you’re always at the center of it.

Wolfgang Buttress

Image Credit: Andres Marin

#Project summary


Wolfgang Buttress

Artwork Title

North Star Chicago


Chicago O'Hare International Airport


United Airlines




Chicago, USA


UAP with Clune Construction Company

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