Zheng Lu

Zheng Lu

#Light Breeze at Dongting Lake: Daybreak, Dawn, Brilliance


Zheng Lu, born in Inner Mongolia in 1978 and based in Beijing, is renowned for his sculptural works. With a Bachelor's degree in sculpture from Lu Xun Fine Art Academy and a Master's degree from the Central Academy of Fine Art, his practice reflects a deep engagement with materiality and craftsmanship. Lu's sculptures often evoke a sense of harmony and balance, drawing inspiration from nature and ancient Chinese philosophy. 

'Light Breeze at Dongting Lake' is an artistic endeavour that bridges the classical realm of painting with contemporary sculpture. Inspired by Ma Yuan's 'Water Album,' a series of paintings from the Southern Song Dynasty, this sculpture aims to capture the essence of flowing water. By translating Ma Yuan's expressive brushstrokes into a sleek stainless-steel relief, the artwork reanimates the movement of water in a tangible form. The polished surface of the sculpture interacts with light, reflecting its surroundings and shimmering the beauty of water. 

UAP is proud to have worked alongside the artist to present these three cohesive sculptures spread along the Shanghai Hines One Museum Place. Daybreak was made using copper, Dawn used brass, and Brilliance used nickel. The three artworks have a diameter of 1.6m and complement one another.

Image Credit: Hines, Zheng Lu and UAP

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Public Art Strategy
Artist Procurement and Management
Marketing Solutions
Digital Modelling and Renders
Material Exploration
Construction Methods
Installation Methodology


Technical Drawings
Pattern Making
Welding & Fabrication
Finishing & Patina


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Zheng Lu

Artwork Title

Light Breeze at Dongting Lake: Daybreak, Dawn, Brilliance


One Museum Place






Shanghai, China

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