Li Qing

Li Qing

#Pavilion of Shadow Reflections


Hu Shi Guang Art Eco Site: Located in Longyou, Zhejiang Province, the Art Eco-Site is committed to continuing to expand the power of youth in a deeper direction, building, enriching, and sharing with the local villages. The local art unit uses content to deeply link coastal villages, allowing art to penetrate inward and villagers to perceive outward. The local cultural space makes use of the unused old houses to meet the supporting functions and tells the local stories through research and curation.

Artist Li Qing transformed a water pump house commonly found along the Qu River into a semi-open pavilion where people could stop and look around. People can walk into the pavilion from the corridor and see the scenery through its shape and original windows, creating a kind of temporal and spatial cascade.

"Camping" is the act of creating a temporary living space in nature. When far-off destinations are difficult to access, people seek out peaceful and idyllic locations closer to home. Camping has gained popularity in recent years due to a renewed appreciation for the natural world around us.

In the centre of the frame, there are sculptures and machine-like installations that represent contemporary aesthetics from a distant landscape. The picture of camping is transformed into a sculpture, with a gap in the middle that allows the outside landscape to become the main focus, bordered by a metal sculpture.

UAP was asked to bring the artist's vision to life. The challenge was to turn the artist's delicate oil paintings into lasting materials. The artist wanted to experiment with the use of sturdy metal. After multiple discussions with Li Qing, it was agreed to digitize the original image to maintain the texture of oil painting and, at the same time, to match the processing properties of metal.

Image Credit: Liqing, Hu Shi Guang Art Eco Site

Video Production: Tang Meng

Video Team: Xia Yuqing, Sheng Yuanjun, Lin Jiayi, Zhuang Ruizhe, Lengash Covenas

#Services provided


Marketing Solutions
Material Exploration
Construction Methods
Installation Methodology


Technical Drawings
Pattern Making
Lost Wax Casting & Sand Casting
Mould Making
Welding & Fabrication
Finishing & Patina


#Project summary


Li Qing

Artwork Title

Pavilion of Shadow Reflections


Quzhou Longyou Art Festival


Hu Shi Guang Art Eco Site




Quzhou, China



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