Ningbo CBD Streetscapes

Ningbo CBD Streetscapes

#Ningbo CBD Streetscapes Public Art Masterplan


In alignment with the requirements outlined in the “Implementation Plan for Promoting High-Quality Pedestrian Streets Construction in Zhejiang Province” and the “Special Action Plan for Comprehensive Renovation of Urban Main Roads in Ningbo Central Urban Area”, UAP received an invitation from the Ningbo Urban Planning and Design Institute to draft a public art masterplan for Ningbo CBD area, committed to creating high-quality pedestrian streets with historical roots, cultural significance, and commercial vitality.

The focal points of this endeavour are the principal thoroughfares within the designated project area, namely Kaiming Street and Yaohang Street. These streets stand as venerable landmarks in Ningbo’s history, having long served as bustling hubs for merchants and communities alike.

In this context, UAP and the Ningbo Urban Planning and Design Institute have collaborated as joint consultants to provide a bespoke public art masterplan for the area, which includes: workshops with local cultural experts, analysis of project background information and site analysis, studies and summaries of similar cases, existing artworks and proposed new artwork locations, curatorial narratives, suggested methodology for commissioning artworks from artists, and indicative renderings of the artistic effect on key locations.

Image Credit: Ningbu Urban Planning and Design Institute and UAP 

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Ningbo CBD Streetscapes Public Art Masterplan


Ningbo Urban Planning and Design Institute




Ningbo, China



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