Haas Brothers

Haas Brothers

#The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Pillar Awards


The Pillar Award is presented annually to people who have supported the museum. It was first given to Academy Museum campaign chairs Bob Iger, Annette Bening and Tom Hanks earlier this year.

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is generating funds by selling NFTs known as Pillar Awards, which feature designs created by the Haas Brothers, the artists behind the physical Pillar Award. The Academy Museum Pillar Award inspires these NFTs, and the proceeds will be directed towards enhancing the institution's accessibility, education, and programming endeavours.

Nikolai and Simon Haas, artists based in Los Angeles, have crafted these NFTs, drawing inspiration from the Academy Museum's Pillar Award. The funds raised will contribute to the museum's access, education, and programming initiatives.

The Pillar Award is an annual recognition presented to individuals who have supported the museum significantly. Notably, the inaugural recipients of the Pillar Award this year were Bob Iger, Annette Bening, and Tom Hanks, who served as campaign chairs for the Academy Museum.

Designing the Pillar Award represented an opportunity to pay homage to the film industry’s rich history and express our reverence for an art form which continues to change the world. Film as a medium is, at its core, fiercely experimental. We have looked to film as a touchstone for our own practice, holding its embrace of new media and experimentation as a guiding principle for artmaking.

Haas Brothers

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Haas Brothers

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The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Pillar Awards


The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Pillar Awards


The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures




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