kwodrent (Grace Tan)

kwodrent (Grace Tan)

#The Pact


Based in Singapore, kwodrent is an inter-disciplinary practice founded by Grace Tan. kwodrent is known for exploring the relationships between objects that surround and envelope the human body through the study of compositions, construction methods and materials.

Commissioned by Far East Organisation, kwodrent created The Pact, a suspended artwork for the reception lobby of The Clan Hotel. Inspired by the sense of kinship that brought together the early immigrant communities in Singapore, The Pact was made to set forth in search of a better future; to put down roots for a new beginning.

The artwork is made up of 150 painted and abstractly folded aluminium sheets that reference the different stages of “Golden Venture”, a Chinese paper folding method. Each element is suspended at varying heights to create an arrangement of geometric configurations.

The Pact echoes the design intent of The Clan Hotel Singapore, where the cosmopolitan energy and Singaporean heritage is married with a design that evokes a sense of kinship and community – where guests are treated as insiders, and part of a club with like-minded people.

After kwodrent was commissioned to create The Pact, UAP was approached to assist with the material exploration, construction methods, installation methodology and fabrication of this incredible project.

Image credit: KHOOGJ

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kwodrent (Grace Tan)

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The Pact


Singapore Far East The Clan


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