Zheng Chongbin

#Flying Stone


Zheng Chongbin fuses Western abstraction with the Chinese calligraphic tradition in works of ink- and acrylic- on -paper, finding contemporary relevance in antiquated forms of Asian ink art. Having studied and split his time in China and the U.S., Zheng reveals the influences of both places and artistic traditions in his work. Layering ink of various consistencies onto Xuan paper, Zheng creates various forms with his dexterous brushwork and continuously investigates the logic of the ink medium and its perceptual characteristics, the alternation between transcendence, technology and the materiality of the work.

From the initial curatorial vision to design development and throughout the manufacturing and installation of the artwork, our team in China worked closely with Zheng Chongbin to deliver the work. Zheng has brought a group of "flying stones" to the Shanghai Library East with the architectural form that inspires the artwork, and its multimedia part integrates ink, technology and natural elements.

The artwork becomes a message for humans to live with respect to nature, which is shared with many other beings, and to survive together on a damaged planet. His experience in San Francisco of "half ocean, half technology" has often prompted him to think about nature and the future, and the electronic screens in the installation become the "paper" of our time, reflecting the changes in the way information is disseminated between the past and the present. 

Although Flying Stones is a new form of work for Zheng Chongbin, it continues the thinking that has always been a part of his artistic practice and reflects the artist's recent practice of straddling flat and three-dimensional space: the abstract patterns on the metal surface with special treatment echo the ink and wash that is haloed in his paintings, the geometric folds in the form form form a clever dialogue with the architecture of Shanghai Library East, and the images embedded in it are drawn from the changing landscape of nature and the changing face of technology. The images are drawn from the changing landscape of nature and the changing face of technology. ...... I was also privileged to witness the emotion he injected into this first permanent installation in his hometown during the communication process of the proposal.

– Menger Chu, Senior Associate

Image Credit: Artwork image and video courtesy of RAWVISION studio, the artist, Shanghai Library and galleries

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Zheng Chongbin

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Flying Stone


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