Tom Fruin

Tom Fruin

#Crown of Foshan


The City Show Terrace is a beautiful place that reflects the stunning view of the Dongping River. One of its main attractions is an impressive piece of art called Crown of Foshan. This artwork is shaped like a droplet and is located along the riverbank. It was created by the famous artist Tom Fruin and is his first public art project in China. Crown of Foshan is the largest permanent landmark artwork created by Tom Fruin.

Crown of Foshan art installation is inspired by a water droplet crashing into crystal clear water together with a crown; the artwork embodies the energy of Kung fu and the charm of the Dongping River. Referencing the vibrant history of Foshan's stained-glass windows often seen in Lingnan heritage architecture and the colours of jade and copper reminiscent of jewels on a crown, the artwork is a homage to the working people of Foshan, expressing gratitude and respect to the people who contribute their time and energy to the city.

Tom Fruin's artwork is a stunning display that encourages viewers to enter and interact with the space. Our team in China worked closely with the artist to create this massive 15m x 12m sculpture. The steel and acrylic materials contrast beautifully with the programmed lighting display at night. This artwork illuminates its surroundings with a dazzling array of colours, providing a captivating visual experience for the people of Foshan.

Water is shapeless but can take on the form of a vessel. It changes its shape depending on the container it is in, and when unrestrained, it follows the course of nature. Amidst the splashes of water, one can see a gradual unfolding of a crown-like shape that resembles the beauty of nature. After many attempts, the current visual model has been unveiled. The intricate and exquisite design perfectly reproduces the effect of coloured glass, skillfully using light to create enchanting colour variations. At night, it harmonizes with programmed lighting, creating a mystical play of light and shadow that has a profound visual impact on viewers.

Yanjun Yao, UAP Technical Manager

Image Credit: Poly, Tom Fruin, Yixiang Media, and UAP | Urban Art Projects.

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Tom Fruin

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Crown of Foshan








Foshan, China



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