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Britt Salt



Britt Salt is an Australian artist with a practice underpinned by spatial engagement. By utilising repetition, transparency and materials with an inherent ability to create movement, she draws, folds and weaves spaces that gently shift with the viewers’ perspective and interaction.

Echo-space was conceived by Salt for Shanghai’s new Taopu Smart City headquarters – her response to a brief calling for a dramatic entry statement for visitors that could be appreciated from multiple angles. The suspended work was created using sustainable aluminium mesh, painted with a two-part stencil and threaded along metal rod. Simultaneously solid and permeable, the mesh allows the artwork to remain light and delicate while still providing privacy to the adjacent spaces.

It is a seemingly impossible suspended form with a continuous surface that, if travelled upon, can be followed back to the point of origin. Much like an echo bounces off its environment and returns to the listener.

Britt Salt

True to Salt’s practice, Echo-space appears to morph and change as viewers move within the building, all the while maintaining its airy and calming presence. By contextually grounding her work in the site’s rich history, the artist has created both a link to the past and a positive omen for the future development.

From curation through to installation, UAP is honoured to have worked alongside Britt Salt and Lingang Group to realise this extraordinary project.

Image credit: Rex Zou

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Britt Salt

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Taopu Smart City


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Shanghai, China

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