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The artist Eva Hild, born in 1966, currently resides and works in southwest Sweden. Hild's artistic process involves translating words like "action," "pressure," "tension," and "flow" into 3D entities, which she conveys through large handmade clays. The result is a continuous flow of thin, white clay entities that reflect movement and its changing transitions. The curved and porous structures become the main visual language of the sculpture.

Yantai, China occupies a unique geographical location, as it is not only an important seaport on the Northeast Asian Maritime Silk Road but also a key port city and a combination of land and sea under the national "Belt and Road Initiative". It is considered to be a bridge linking a city to the world and reflects the essence of the city's humanity like a "mirror."

The Yantai Bajiao Bay Convention and Exhibition Center is a modern facility specializing in large-scale professional conferences and exhibitions in high-tech industries. It has become a prominent feature of Yantai's golden coastline and a city symbol.

Our team combined Yantai's "trading seaport" characteristics with the architectural design of "cloud waves on the city shore and silver shells on the sea" to develop a curatorial vision of "a linking bridge towards the sea, embracing the intersection of culture and talent". The renowned Swedish artist Eva Hild was invited to create the site-specific artwork Loop.

This artwork, Loop, is located in the South Plaza of the Bajiao Bay International Convention and Exhibition Center. The organic shape of the sculpture complements the surrounding environment visually and physically. The light and elegant white design adds a powerful and peaceful touch to the convention centre, warmly welcoming visitors. The artwork also perfectly embodies the Convention and Exhibition Center's "embracing culture and talents" idea.

Working closely with the artist, we were able to fabricate this sculpture in stainless steel and finish it with metallic paint to match the artist's creative vision. The outcome is a six-meter-tall work that complements the architectural design of the location.

The artwork Loop is made of stainless steel and finished with metallic paint to match the artist's creative vision. The six-meter-tall work complements the architectural design of the building during the day. At night, under the spotlights, the artwork illuminates the path of the visitors, creating a tranquil atmosphere for the site.

Zhanjie Pan, UAP Associate

The artwork Loop is large in volume, complex in shape, and difficult to produce and install. "Finish it in quality, quantity, effect and on time" is UAP's promise to the artist and the owner. Therefore, as a group we put all our best strengths forward to analyze, research, and overcome any difficulties of production and installation. Alongside the artist we implemented high-quality installation, safety, and scheduling.

Baorong You, UAP Senior Project Manager

Image Credit: Chen Zhenxiang

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Eva Hild

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