Bi Rongrong

Bi Rongrong

#Flash Flying Birds and Eight Petals


Hu Shi Guang Art Eco Site: Located in Longyou, Zhejiang Province, the Art Eco-Site is committed to continuing to expand the power of youth in a deeper direction, building, enriching, and sharing with the local villages. The local art unit uses content to deeply link coastal villages, allowing art to penetrate inward and villagers to perceive outward. The local cultural space makes use of the unused old houses to meet the supporting functions and tells the local stories through research and curation.

Bi Rongrong came to Longyou in the springtime and spent half of the day following the sheep that were grazing along the riverbank. The beach was so open and quiet that all you could hear was the sound of the sheep nibbling at the grass. The artist's idea was to capture the sounds of local nature as she experienced it. Along with the sounds of nature, she started to collect other elements as well, which is a unique aspect of this project. She was slowly listening, taking in beautiful things.

Bi Rongrong was impacted by the landscape around her. She used photography and sketching to capture patterns from the local landscapes and buildings, and when she returned to her studio, she incorporated the new patterns into the interior patio and floor of the shrine.

Throughout the production process, UAP and the artist deliberated and discussed with each other to better match the inspiration. In order to find the right raw material, UAP made samples over and over again, and finally found a mosaic that could best express the fineness of the artwork, and incorporated mirrored stainless steel into it, resulting in a great artistic effect.

I will be transformed into a light bird of prey, travelling from one end of a dense forest towards the direction of light.

Bi Rongrong

Image Credit: Bi Rongrong, Fengyuzhu, Hu Shi Guang Art Eco Site and UAP

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Bi Rongrong

Artwork Title

Flash Flying Birds and Eight Petals


Quzhou Longyou Art Festival


Hu Shi Guang Art Eco Site




Quzhou, China



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