#Xiamen Sea World Public Art Masterplan


The China Merchants Sea World development embodies the forward-thinking spirit of Xiamen, looking to the future through the creation of a world-class waterfront destination, while framing the past through the preservation of the natural world. 

Based on the architectural masterplan by Arquitectonica, a US firm, UAP was invited by China Merchants Group to develop a public art masterplan for the mixed-use development that serves multiple functions as the port of Xiamen Cruise Ship Terminals as well as a hotel, residential, retail, and waterfront leisure destination.

Crystalline waters, rolling green mountains, and verdant subtropical gardens surround Sea World, likening this aspirational landmark development to that of an idyllic brush & ink landscape painting or revered shanshui poem. Just as the journey of an admirer’s eye travels over painted land, new forms emerge to complete the scene. As one traverses through the site, iconic forms appear—from immersive aquatic canopies and towers stacked like smooth river pebbles, to architectural beacons that frame and capture the surrounding beauty of Xiamen itself. At its core, a green link connects these diverse landmarks, spanning from the South China Sea to the looming Lion mountain and gradually leading the eye towards the sky.

The curatorial narrative framework “The Land That Lies Between Mountain And Sea” aims to present an artistic journey connected to the unique built & natural environments within the Sea World development. Intrinsically linked with the architectural and landscape thematics, the journey leads visitors through distinct zones all distinguished by varied art & design inspirations and aesthetics. ‘Voyage of the Sea,’ ‘Journey through Lush Gardens,’ ‘Ascent of the Mountain,’ and ‘Celestial Skies’ will further inspire artists, designers, and consultants to complement precinct characteristics through future creative interventions.

Image Credit: China Merchants Group and UAP

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Xiamen Sea World Public Art Masterplan


Xiamen Sea World


China Merchants Group




Xiamen, China

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